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VCAT Exposed

MEG member Rémy Favre has reviewed many of the VCAT decisions of 2005.
With the help of my daughter, we reviewed all VCAT Planning List decisions published during the 2005 calendar year that were concerned with medium and high density housing planning applications (1480 relevant decisions ), and grouped outcomes according to Member, and Council, and calculated the number of times developers won, and the number of times Council's decisions were upheld/reversed/varied. We found that VCAT find in favour of developers 63.1% of the time.

We found that Developers are nearly 4 times more likely to get full satisfaction at VCAT than residents. We found that 13 members find in favour of developers more than 70% of the time (record being held by Richard Walter with 91.7% pro-developer outcomes) whilst only 4 Members find in their favour less than 50% of the time, all this within the same legal framework, and with cases that are monotonously similar. We found that decisions by Councils were affirmed only 37.9% of the time. They were reversed 53.1% of the time, and varied 9% of the time.

We exposed VCAT's own spin and how they hide their unquestionable pro-developer bias behind an appearance of being fair and equitable by the selective use of their own statistics. We also found that VCAT members are effectively unaccountable and untouchable.

Download the full VCAT Exposed presentation (Adobe PDF format).