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About Us

We are volunteers who are passionate about protecting the neighbourhood character of Malvern East, and are more than willing to help you with the process of opposing inappropriate development. We belong to a grass-root movement that counts over 250 local action groups in metropolitan Melbourne. Our objective is to ultimately convince Governments to truly protect existing neighbourhoods and the amenity of residents. We want Government to impose stricter controls and limits on development in established neighbourhoods.

To achieve this aim, we actively participate in local Government planning processes, we lobby Councillors and State Government, and monitor the decisions of the Victorian Administrative Appeals Tribunal (VCAT). In so doing, we have gained valuable insights into the planning processes and have the knowledge to assist fellow Malvern East residents in defending their streets against inappropriate development.

Our ultimate aim of convincing Government to curb development excesses in established neighbourhoods can only be achieved if we can demonstrate that our grass roots movement is growing. For this reason, membership is a condition for receiving free advice and support. Membership only costs $5 per person per annum. Members are not required to volunteer time and effort, although this would of course be greatly appreciated. If you wish to discuss joining our group, please feel free to contact us.

MEG can be contacted by email at:

If you wish to join MEG, you may download and print our application form. To introduce MEG to others, you may download and print our letter of introduction.

Our Objectives

To preserve, foster and improve the general appearance and amenity of the area for the advantage of residents and to ensure that Malvern East retains its present residential character.

To do this the Group will:-

  1. Attempt to influence, as far as is lawful and proper, State Government, Local Government and other Statutory Authorities concerned with the area.
  2. Provide a body of informed opinion regarding the development of the area, oppose such development that the Group considers undesirable and not in keeping with the existing character and amenity.
  3. Foster the protection of Heritage Areas and buildings.
  4. Foster the protection of the character of the neighborhood in keeping with Council's Neighborhood Character Study.
  5. Take such action as may be necessary to bring matters of concern to residents to the attention of Stonnington City Council and provide information to residents concerning such matters.
  6. To provide an organization to support residents in matters in which they require assistance.