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Melbourne 2030

Melbourne 2030 is the Bracks Government's flawed planning blueprint for Melbourne. Planning regulators including local councils and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal are required to take Melbourne 2030 into consideration when making decisions. Melbourne 2030 encourages high density development that erodes the character of our suburbs.

For the Bracks Government line on Melbourne 2030, see the Victorian Government's Melbourne 2030 web site.

The ideas in Melbourne 2030 are not new; you can read about its historical origins in the Melbourne 2030 time line. Some of Melbourne 2030's serious flaws are discussed on our Five Flaws of Melbourne 2030 page.

To understand how Melbourne 2030 threatens Melbourne's suburbs, see the article 2030: a space fallacy by Professors Bob Birrell and Kevin O'Connor.

The Melbourne 2030 Portal includes forums and news items for those concerned about the threat posed by Melbourne 2030.

Collingwood Action Group have excellent articles on Melbourne 2030 by authors such as Kevin O'Connor and Paul Mees in their Melbourne 2030 Pages