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MEG Press Releases & Submissions

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VCAT Decisions re Neighbourhood Character *** UPDATED ***26 October 2019
MEG Urges Donations to Support Percy Treyvaud Battle2 September 2019
MEG Submission re Victorian Reform of Local Government Bill23 July 2019
MEG AGM October 25th 201825 October 2018
MEG Submission re Draft Heritage and Action Plan17 October 2018
Press Release: Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust3 July 2018
MEG Submission re Stonnington Planning Scheme Review28 March 2018
MEG Submission re Reforming the Victoria Planning Provisions28 November 2017
MEG AGM October 26th 201720 October 2017
Restore Our Rights Demonstration June 8th 201708 June 2017
MEG Submission re Better Apartments Draft Design Standards20 September 2016
MEG Submission re Managing Residential Development20 March 2016
MEG Submission re Better Apartments20 December 2015
MEG Submission re Heritage Act 1995 Review12 December 2015
MEG Submission re Plan Melbourne Refresh12 December 2015
Recognising Objectors Bill10 July 2015
Submission in relation to C175 to State Government Planning Panel2 October 2014
MEG Submission re PLAN MELBOURNE 2 December 2013
Submission Re Reformed Residential Zones27 September 2013
Submission Re Amendment C175 (Local Neighbourhood Character Policy)13 September 2013
Further Submission Re Amendment C173 (Height Limits)14 June 2013
Submission Re Amendment C173 (Height Limits)3 March 2013
VCAT Fee Increases3 February 2013
MEG Stonnington Community Forum25 September 2012
MEG Submission re Planning Zone Reform25 September 2012
MEG Submission re Amendment C154 (Chadstone Shopping Centre)31 May 2012
MEG Submission re Chadstone Shopping Centre27 February 2012
VEC Review - Preliminary Submission (Ban Wee)01 March 2011
VEC Review - Preliminary Submission (Ann Reid)28 February 2011
VEC Review - Preliminary Submission (Scott Samuel)28 February 2011
Submission to VEAC15 January 2011
Review of Planning & Environment Act15 February 2010
Malvern East Group (MEG) Web Page to be placed in National Archive26 November 2009
VCAT Review28 June 2009
Urban Design Framework29 August 2008
Letter re Sale of Bowen St Land07 June 2008
Submission On New Residential Zones For Victoria17 April 2008
New Residential Zones - Ban Wee06 April 2008
New Residential Zones - Ann Reid05 April 2008
MEG Disappointed with Melbourne 2030 Audit22 October 2007
Melbourne 2030 Audit20 September 2007
2006 AGM19 October 2006
Submission To Select Committee On Public Land07 October 2006
Malvern East Group Forms11 July 2005
Victorian Electoral Commission Preliminary Report City Of Stonnington22 April 2004
Submission Re Electoral Representation Review For The City Of Stonnington10 March 2004