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Malvern East Group Forms to Oppose Inappropriate Development

Press Release 11 July 2005

Following a meeting at Serrell St Uniting Church Hall on June 26th, residents have formed the Malvern East Group (MEG) to oppose inappropriate development in the area. The group will work to change the current planning regime.

MEG Working Group member Scott Samuel said, "The Bracks Government's Melbourne 2030 planning framework ignores the realities of Melbourne's demographics and aspirations. This deeply flawed system encourages high and medium density developments that harm neighbourhood character and diminish the green canopy of greater Melbourne. We must act to preserve the things we value about our suburbs."

"MEG seeks a moratorium and complete review of Melbourne 2030." He explained that MEG would work towards this objective by:

  • Monitoring development applications in Malvern East;
  • Participating in the City of Stonnington's Community Consultation program;
  • Lobbying State Government in conjunction with 49 other residents' groups across Melbourne;
  • Publicising the flaws and harmful consequences of Melbourne 2030; and
  • Making Melbourne 2030 a state election issue
"We want residents across the suburbs to know that Bracks Government planning policies threaten the very characteristics that make Melbourne one of the world's most livable cities"


For further information please contact Scott Samuel on 0413 240 706 or email